06 August, 2007

Visit to Innsbruck Austria

Things are going to be out of chronological order for a while as I try to catch up. But I'll start with the most recent trip and then fill in later.

I had planned to participate in a 50-mile run this past weekend in Austria, the Karwendel Challenge, but the race had some permit issues that weren't able to be resolved in time. We had planned to meet some friends from Dallas (Shelby and Benjamin Vincent) in Innsbruck, where Shelby has a very close friend and her husband (Melissa and Claude). Rather than have the cancellation of the race cause us to change our plans, we decided to go ahead. GREAT DECISION!

We flew to Munich and rented a car for the two-hour drive to Innsbruck. We ended up with big BMW 750td, which was a blast to drive through the mountains :-) and on the autobahn.

Innsbruck is a beautiful town of about 130,000, so a very easy city to explore and like. We forgot our camera so I'll have more photos later of some of the things we did (hiking, visiting castles like Schloss Tratzberg and beautiful parks) but here's a great photo Ben took of the girls in the Hofgarten.

Because of Becca's usual great planning, seeing friends and Claude and Melissa's incredible hospitality, Innsbruck was a special five days and we would love to go back.
I'll write a separate report about the run/hike I did with three other guys over part of the Karwendel Challenge course. But if you like stories that begin, "So a Romanian, an American and two Germans meet at a train station," then you might enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

We LOVED Innsbruck when we vacationed in Europe. It is such a beautiful and friendly city!! I can't wait to see more pics of the girls. I swear they have grown like weeds since you've been gone!! Love, Aimee