04 October, 2007

Old Post from August I just found

I wrote this back in August but I had some PDA problems and was just able to recover it today, 45 days later! Madrid is very different now in early October the beautiful chestnut trees (las castanas) in El Retiro dropping their frutos secos (nuts) and beginning to change colors...though I think they're just going to go through shades of brown, no fireworks of colors. This is not my photo but a pretty good shot of what El Retiro looks like now. In any case, here's the August note with some links.

Today was a very lazy day and we finally got out of the house about 1:30. We've been very lucky with the weather this summer as it usually blistering hot in August. There have been a few hot days but the low humidity, and relatively cool nights, make it bearable. We still have a month or so to go but we've only turned on the airconditioning once or twice.

But the Madrilenos plan to get out of the city and August is VERY quiet here. Hardly any rush hour and I'm guessing that 50% of the citizens have left or are on vacation. Enough that it's a big deal when small shops are open that it's a marketing opportunity because we've seen a few signs that say "No cerramos in Agosto" to let people know they are open!

The girls were great on the 2mi or so walk and we had a picnic lunch and some ice cream in the Plaza de Espana. There's a huge fountain dedicated to Cervantes here and it's lovely, shaded little spot.

It's then just a short walk to the Templo de Debod with the girls. A gift from Egypt, it's a little disconcerting to see a 2nd century BC building in downtown Madrid, but there you go!

There was nothing special about the day; no big plans, no big "culture" moment. Just another day living in this city. Delightful!