27 May, 2007

Getting to know you

Friday started off a little rough as Becca fried some of her personal care appliances and blew all the fuses in the apartment, not the best way to begin her day. She's replaced them but lesson learned: for some things, it probably makes sense to buy local so that compatability is not an issue.

That evening, while she was out with girls shopping to replace the electronics, I met them for dinner in Sol, which is a happening place at any time. We found a Madridleno-recommended Thai place and had a great dinner. On the way back home at about 11pm, we've suprisingly/ quickly adapted the Spanish schedule, we walked through the Plaza Mayor (pictured here). There's always something going on here as well and it was simply delightful to be out, together, experiencing Madrid.

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Aimee said...

We miss ya'll so much!! We love being able to read about all your new adventures, how exciting!! We really hope to visit next year. The architecture is so beautiful and what wonderful memories for the girls to have. We are all doing good here, a little sleep deprived, but good! Tabitha Avery is growing like a little weed! Give the girls BIG hugs and kisses from us. We love you.

XoXo, Joey Aimee and Tabitha